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I'm so excited for this!

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I used to play this game 12 years ago! I am 25 now. Back then when the Beta was over, Nexon kept us in the shadows. No announcement or news about the game's future. I was so mad and I'll never forgive them for this. I was waiting and waiting and waiting and no news came!

However, I can't be more excited for this. The speed mode is SOOOOOOOOOO much fun. Drifting and gathering speed felt great. I never played the likes of Mario Kart, but all I can say is that drifting required SKILL in this game. Drifting is needed in order to get Nitro (Boost).
Also after each drift you make, if done properly - you get a small boost as well. There were all kind "boosts" you could make such as a double boost.

There were different karts, each had their own unique properties (as an example, the Saber series was the fastest but harder to control. Another series had better drifting mechanics but was slower).

The game did have some sort of progression. You level up - and after a certain level is reached you could unlock a new "license" to that next tier which had harder maps to play on.
There were also different game modes and events. I remember Scenario which was a PvE singleplayer story basically.

The only downside is the game was heavily Pay 2 Win. You could buy karts with real money and also buy certain karts with in-game currency, but only for a certain amount of time. I don't mind grinding a bit if it means I'll get to keep the kart forever as a reward. They need to carefully balance this, I don't think the western audience is the same as the one in Korea.

Hopefully they'll bring some of the core maps back.

If this stays loyal to the source, it can be one of the best racing games out there. No, it WILL be - make it happen, Nexon. My PC is 8 years old, I may need to upgrade just for this game! I did not get accepted for the closed beta yet, hopefully I'll get in.


  • HariEggtartHariEggtart
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    I'm Korean-American; I've been playing the original version in the Korean server in recent years (2005 - 2006, 2011 - 2013, 2016 - present).

    I just learned that this game surfaced in America a long time ago, but racing genre is very tricky to please its audience, so it makes sense Kartrider's such drastically different approach didn't work out in America.

    Korean audience is mesmerized with the new version launch, as it showcases stunning graphics in contrast to the unchanging, old game they've been playing for past 15 years, yet concerned that the new launch could imply the end of old era that they've been seeing for so long, or possibly worse, dividing the population between old and migrated gamers.

    I am on the excited spectrum! The current game struggles with ping problems, and I am playing in Korean server from America, so I constantly get blamed from the users about my ping; if I could have a platform where I can geographically belong to, that would be a dream come true.

    I have some screenshots from the current game I'm playing at the moment:

    Chilling in MyRoom

    Invading other people's MyRoom

    Post-race, where I get heckled for my ping (chat at bottom left)

    Racing with friends

    They have what's called License System, where you pass several tests of increasing difficulty to earn the license appropriate for your level. Here is me happily picking up my final license after 10 hours of re-tries in the span of 4 days:
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    Love the posts! Can't wait to play with you guys!
  • jopjop
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    I'm soo hyped to play this too,
  • ZyanidZyanid
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    yess can't wait! just 1 more week for beta!!
  • AiyaAiya
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  • =Sonic==Sonic=
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    Hope I'll get to the beta as all the fellows here ;)
  • GarryGarry
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    I’m as excited as you guys for Kart Rider’s return in the States!
  • TeddoukaTeddouka
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    I didn't get to play this much when I was younger so I'm actually excited to get this chance now yeet
  • KouehKoueh
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    I am another person who played Kart Rider back years ago when it was at Nexon America and when it didnt show up one of the few who went to Kart Rider China and was part of a NA group playing on it for awhile. I am so happy to see this game around again and I hope it makes it this time. I am so worried already seeing some whiny little bugger complaining about bugs in a pre beta test preview. The first game disapeared because of people complaining before it even came out. Please don't let this happen again!
  • JoshuashaloJoshuashalo
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    Can not wait beta for console.
  • NegimakiNegimaki
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    I'm so glad the game mechanics are still the same. I saw the Livestream and immediately recognized the track layout for zoomtown. The updated look appears way different. I am so excited to play!!! Definitely want to get in to the closed beta
  • DoubleRDoubleR
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    I'm glad to see so many people are excited as me. I wish the upcoming CBT was longer. Also I can't help but wonder where Nexon is heading with this. Knowing Nexon's reputation and the game history, I hope it won't follow the same route as it it did back then. This game needs more in order to go big. There aren't any publishes out there and so far Nexon is staying quiet..I don't want it begin like that, I want it to begin with a bang, game is underrated for sure. I wonder how long it is going to be until Open Beta and the actual release because I can't wait to put my hands on this game. I really hope Microsoft are backing up Nexon with this, I can't completely trust Nexon but if Microsoft is involved Nexon must be serious about this.