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[UPDATED] Game Guides 9: Communication

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In the game, you can communicate using the Voice Chat, Emote, Emoji, and Quick Chat features.

Voice Chat
Voice Chat settings can be set up through the Lobby by selecting [Menu] -> [Settings] -> [Audio]. You can communicate with other Racers in KartRider: Drift via Voice Chat. Don't forget that you need a device with a microphone (like a headset, etc.) for Voice Chat!

- Voice Chat Settings -
- The initial Voice Chat setting is "enabled". You can toggle Voice Chat ON/OFF and adjust the volume.
- You may also enable/disable voice chat during a race. Head to the controls section of your settings to view or change the input.
1. How to Check My Voice Chat Settings
- You can check if Voice Chat is enabled by looking at the speaker icon next to your Racer name.
- You will see a blue wave on the speaker icon when enabled and an “X” next to the speaker icon when disabled.
(Left) Active / (Right) Inactive

- Voice Chat -
- Voice Chat is divided into "Party Chat" in the Lobby and "Team Chat" while waiting.

1. Voice Chat Icon Details
① Party Chat
- You can Voice Chat in the Lobby if you formed a party group with friends.

② Custom Race Chat
- You can Voice Chat with all participating Racers in the custom race.

③ Voice Chat During Gameplay
- You can Voice Chat with your teammates during a match, and you can enable/disable voice chat during races with the Voice Chat input.
- A wave appears on the speaker icon to the left of the Racer name when a Racer speaks.
(Please note that the speaker icon can be displayed differently based on a Racer's Voice Chat settings!)
- The Voice Chat feature is not enabled in Solo matches.

- Mute Voice Chat Feature -
- You can use the "Mute" feature if you don't want to chat with a certain Racer.
- You can Mute/Unmute by selecting the Racer's name while waiting for the race to start.
- If a Racer is blocked they will automatically be muted.

- How to Block -
① Block by searching the Racer name from the [Social] menu in the Lobby.
② Block from the [Recently Played Together] list searched in [Menu] –> [Report].
③ Block by right-clicking the Racer in the custom race (only the host can do this).
* You can view the block history and unblock in [Menu] –> [Block List].

  • Click the 'Communication' button at the bottom left of the lobby to reveal 8 emoticon images for different situations on the left wheel.
  • When you select an emoticon in the lobby, the emoticon is displayed in a speech bubble, expressing the character's emotional state for the selected situation.
  • Emoticons for different situations (8 types): Joy / Sadness / Surprise / Dance / Sleepiness / Affection / Anger / Others

- How to Use Emojis -
1) Setup Method
- You can set your emoji by heading to Garage > Character > Emoji.
- You can assign the emoji of your choice to for each of the 8 reactions.
- Emoji applied for use will be displayed with a white border and an "In Use" text.
- The set emojis will be applied to all characters.

You can also express victory/defeat/finish/retire emotions using the emotion feature.

2) Using Emoji's during a Race
- Pressing the Emoji button during a race will display the emoji's you set up in the 4 slots.
- Press the button of a relevant slot to display your emoji in the speech bubble.
- You can use emoji's during the race until the podium session.

- How to Use Emotes-
1) Setup Method

- You can set up your emotes by heading to the Garage > Character > Emote or by pressing the communication button at the Lobby.
- Emotes are owned by each character and can be obtained from purchases at the Shop or rewards from the Racing Pass.


Quick Chat
- How to Use Quick Chat
Click the 'Communication' button at the bottom left of the lobby to see the quick chat list. You can designate frequently used expressions as favorites and filter quick chat lists by type.
※ Updated: 11/30/2023
※ The images in this guide were taken from the test environment. They may change according to future updates.