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[UPDATED] Game Guides 3: License Mode

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You can play the License Mode by selecting [License] from the Single Player mode menu.
This is a single player mode where you learn the various situations that could occur in an actual race.

There are currently B2, B1, L3, and L2 licenses, and they will be updated in order.

- Rewards -
License Mission Info: You can see the license mission name and the clear level (star).
Obtained Stars / Max Obtainable Stars: You can see the current stars you have and the max stars you can get.
Mission Clear Requirement: You can see the mission objective and the number of stars you can get per score.
Rewards: You can see the rewards you can get per clear level.
License Clear Rank: License rank is divided into Bronze/Silver/Gold based on the number of stars collected.

- License Reward -
You can see the License Reward by pressing [Reward Details] in the License menu.
① License Reward: A list of rewards you can get when you obtain the license. Rewards are divided into Bronze/Silver/Gold based on the number of stars you earn, and you get these rewards according to each rank.
② Unlocked Content: This is the content that is unlocked by completing this License.

License reward can be obtained only once and they are sent directly to the garage.

- Training Course -
Select Training Course from the License UI to practice various drift skills. Select a skill you wish to practice before entering to view instructions and practice the selected skill. You can also select Free Practice to practice any skill you want.

You can earn rewards by completing Skill Missions.
If you choose a different skill or leave the Training Course before completing the mission, the mission completion count will be reset.
* Updated: 11/30/2023
* The images in this guide were taken from the test environment.
They may change according to future updates.