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Special Guide: Bonus Tickets (New Consumable Item)

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edited 3:32PM November 29, 2023 in Guides and Tutorials
A new type of consumable Item, 'Bonus Ticket', has been added with the new Season 5 Update on 11/29 (Wednesday). In this edition of Dao's Game Guides, we'll walk you through the how-to's and what to look out for with these new items.
-RP and Lucci Bonus Tickets-
  • Bonus Tickets are time-limited consumable items that, when redeemed, increase the RP/Lucci rewards you can earn from races for the duration you possess them. There are 3 types of Bonus Tickets for the Season 5 Update.

Bonus Tickets are stored in the [Garage > Items]. Bonus Tickets are 'inactivate' when first received; the bonus effect will apply once you 'activate' it via the [Garage - Items]. Bonus Tickets must be activated for their effects to take place.

The time limit for this Item starts counting down from the moment it's acquired, regardless of whether the item is activated or not. Bonus Tickets sent to the mailbox will begin to count down once claimed from the mailbox and sent to the garage.

When the bonus effect is activated, you'll see the bonus effect and time remaining on the top-right section of your screen.
The effect applies to the below game modes:
  • Normal Modes
    • Item
    • Speed
    • Mode Lab
  • Grand Prix
    • Item
    • Speed
  • Single Player Modes
    • Time Attack
  • Custom Race
You can acquire Bonus Tickets via Events or in the Shop. Keep in mind that you can only have 1 bonus effect active at a time!

- Additional Information -
  • Only 1 Bonus Ticket can be active at any given time. You cannot activate multiple Bonus Tickets at the same time.
  • The time limit for Bonus Tickets starts counting down from the moment they're acquired (sent to the garage), regardless of whether the item is activated or not.
  • If you acquire another Bonus Ticket that's identical to one you already own, the time limit is increased (additive).
  • Bonus Tickets are 'inactive' by default when first acquired. The bonus effect applies only after you activate it via [Garage > Items]. (Just owning a ticket does NOT apply the bonus effect)
  • Any extra Lucci acquired with a Bonus Ticket is subject to the weekly Lucci limit.
    ※ Updated: 11/29/2023
    ※ The images in this guide were taken from the test environment.
    They may change according to future updates.