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[UPDATED] Game Guides 6: Livery

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You can customize your kart by heading to the Lobby then selecting [Garage] -> [Livery]. Please be aware that you will not be able to apply a livery to certain karts earned through game events or collaborations.
Check out the guide below if you want to speed around in a custom kart that you designed!

You can create or change the kart wrap from the [Manage Livery] menu.

1. Click the [Garage] button at the top of the Lobby screen.
2. Click the [+] button in [Livery] -> [Manage Livery] to create a new wrap.
- Each kart can have up to 3 wraps other than the default design.
- If you have the max amount of wraps, the [+] button won't appear. You can either delete a wrap or change an existing wrap from the menu.
3. Customize karts using paint, decals, and more!
- Each category is explained in detail below.

4. Press the [Save] button to set the wrap name and save the design.

1. Select the kart color of your choice in [Manage Livery] –> [New Wrap] OR [Menu] –> [Edit Wrap] -> [Paint].
- The higher your karts rank, the more paint selections will be available.
* Please refer to Game Guides 14: Kart Upgrades for more information.
2. After you set the paint color, enter the wrap name and hit save.
- [Edit Wrap], [Name], [Delete Wrap], and [Copy Wrap] can be selected from the Wrap Menu.

1. Select the decal of your choice by clicking [+] in [Manage Livery] –> [New Wrap] OR [Menu] -> [Edit Wrap] –> [Decals].
- Patterns are shapes such as figures or letters and 63 patterns are provided by default. You can combine patterns to create a custom decal.
- Additional Image Decals can be obtained via Achievements and more.
- You can check decals created in the [Create Decal] menu in [My Decals].

- Adding a Decal -
Select the desired Decal, and adjust the position and size by pressing [Edit Position].
Press [Change Decal] to remove the decal you are editing and work on another decal.
You can use functions such as [Flip], [Mirror], and [Reset Position] through the menu.
You can use the [Edit Unit Value] feature to adjust the values by integers.
- It can be toggled ON/OFF on the PC through the third menu category.

2. If you have finished editing, you can click [Done] and select [Save] to enter a Livery name.

You can create decals with the design of your choice from the [Livery] -> [Create Decal] menu.

- Create Decals Order -
1. Click the [+] in [Livery] -> [Create Decal].
2. Select the desired design in the decal menu.
3. Select [Edit Color]↔[Edit Position] functions to edit the decal’s color/size/direction.
- You can use various types of decals to create a new shape. The decal layer is limited to 100.
4. If you have finished editing, you can click [Done] and select [Save] to enter a decal name.
- You can save up to 10 decals per account by default.
5. You can view the decals you have created in [My Decals].

- Create Decal Screen -

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※ Updated: 11/30/2023
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