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KartRider: Drift RISE Known Issues

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Hey Racers!

We would like to start off by saying thank you to all the Racers for continuing to play and enjoy KartRider: Drift!

We would like to make you all aware of the current Known Issues and resolutions of the KartRider: Drift RISE Update! We are doing our best to investigate and resolve these issues as quickly as possible, so please check below to see if there’s a solution to your problem!

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these issues!

Known Issues:
- Common -
  • (Working on Fix) Issue where sometimes Kris' Character Skill doesn't function properly and racers are not able to use the Banana.
  • (Working on Fix) Issue where the sound volume decreases when racers use Spirit Kid's Character Skill.
  • (Checking) Time Attack history differs from actual time.
  • (Checking) An issue where the Mileage value for Balloons in the ‘View Contents’ for Racing Boxes intermittently shows up.
    • Mileages are given out when obtaining an item that cannot be owned in duplicates, and cannot be earned by obtaining more Balloons.
    • If you obtain Balloons over the maximum limit, they will be sent to the Mailbox.
  • (Checking) An issue where the equipped skid is displayed instead of exclusive parts(default skid) on Lamborghini karts.
  • (Working on a Fix) Issue where the Win Streak Bonus doesn't apply correctly when racers have 10 or more wins in a row.
  • (Working on a Fix) Issue where the the 'Favorites' in Quick Chat become undone when racers re-login to the game.
  • Working on a Fix) Issue where Balloons still display in Time Attack races even after racers toggle Balloon display to OFF.
  • (Working on a Fix) Issue where if racers use the 'Exchange All Items' option in the Racing Pass menu to fulfill the Lv. 2 Momentum Challenge '[Racing Pass] Exchange an Item Exchange'.
  • (Checking) Single Mission - In the 'Drift! Booster! Get ready! Shoot!' mission within the driving mission, there is an issue where team boosters are not being used.
  • (Checking) An issue where Kris character skill is not blocked and her skill is not applied when using the Shield item
  • (Fixed) Issue where Hot Dog Wheels and/or Clown Wheels were not displayed for racers that own them.
- PC Platform -
  • Some out-of-date graphics card drivers do not run the game normally.
  • When running KartRider: Drift on a PC that uses an Intel CPU (6th gen or higher) internal graphics card (also known as integrated graphics), the game may disconnect or close.
    • Workaround: Please update the compatibility mode of the game executable file to “Windows 7” and then run the game.
      • The game executable is "Kartdrift.exe" within the installation folder. If you are on Steam, simply right click the game and select "Properties" -> "Local Files" -> "Browse." If you are on Nexon launcher see the below image for the default file path.
      • Right-click the executable file, then select the “Compatibility” tab, from there please change the compatibility mode to "Windows 7."
- Mobile Platform -
  • (Checking) Voice chat does not function on iOS devices after locking the screen or putting KartRider: Drift in the background.
    • Workaround: You can use the voice chat by closing the game application and restarting.
  • (Checking) Voice chat is heard from the device on the iOS device when using some Bluetooth devices and entering a custom race.
    • Workaround: Connect the affected Bluetooth device again after entering the custom race.
  • (Working on Fix) Issue where sometimes voice chat cannot be activated.
    • Workaround: This bug occurs intermittently in Squad mode, and can be fixed by restarting the game.
  • (Working on Fix) Issue where the race start countdown cannot be heard sometimes when racers activate Voice Chat in Infinite Boost and start a race.
  • (Checking) An issue where the platform icon is exposed as console when chatting.
- Console Platform -
  • (Checking) Issue where the menu focus occasionally disappears when accessing the Settings while in a Party.
    • Workaround: If the menu focus disappears when you open the Settings while in a Party, un-Ready yourself and reopen Settings afterward.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these issues. We promise to work as quickly as possible to resolve these issues and any others that arise!