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New York Rally Crash Xbox

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in Bug Reporting
Hi my name is Tyrell, I have sort of an issue im not sure if anyone else has, first I play Kartrider drift on Xbox and whenever I get the "New York Rally track" the xbox has a high chance to crash the game specifically on New York rally. Now I get no error codes or anything when this happens, so Im like "mmm maybe a one-time occurrence by chance unfortunately". Im not certain it is anymore because it's been 3 days every sense this issue with no error codes. So, I did "research" not really, but I went to the official KRD discord, and Surprisingly I found a post which presented some of the problems that the discord user had 1 being on the "New York Rally" track and 2 them being on xbox as well. Now after that I was wondering if this was affecting. All xbox users or just last gen xbox users so if anyone is experiencing this any help would be appreciated. Also, on the xbox I own I made a custom race lobby by myself with no AI and of course it crashed so I kept testing this method and nope. Then I tested it with AI and it worked! But like I mentioned it's not impossible for it not to load in, it's just based on my experience success rate of loading on the track on xbox is low really low, Tried everything to changing my aspect ratio on my TV to contacting support for the game tried all Those steps I use wired internet connection I fully reset my modem and router 3 times reset my xbox 4 times, cleared cache on the console deleted my local and cloud data for KRD, so I tried one last thing in my "Garage"... The good old PlayStation. Ps4 specifically speaking I set everything up in custom race with AI tested it about 6 times everything worked fine. And I got New York rally on ps4 in a real match, and it worked. So, you may be asking "Why not just play on the PlayStation?" Well, it's not my main go to console at the moment unfortunately. All in all just any suggestions or tips would be appreciated here and hopefully this topic reaches at least one of the developers, I hope at least or just anyone in general. I just don't want my account banned for the game forcefully closing itself on one specific track. Please help, anyone if you can.


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    Hi, my wife and I have the same problem: The game crashes while in matchmaking/loading the map New York. We both are playing on Xbox.
    This seems to be an Xbox problem, because it doesn't affect the PC players in the group, for example
    Please fix it