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K-coin purchase block after March 21st update

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Hello, I have been playing the game since it first got listed on Steam store Vietnam. I was enjoying the game & did a bunch of K-coin purchases to collect cosmetics in the game. I did more K-coin purchase after the director change to Jaewoo Seo to express my support (however small) of his team for listening and implementing reasonable player feedbacks.
However, right after the March 21st update of BlackPink release, the game blocks my ability to purchase K-coin without warning. I can only suspect that this is due to Vietnam not being a supported region in this game. I was not aware of this info if not for the payment block, I have to look up this information on customer support website.
This is puzzling and frustrating to me because the game is listed officially on Steam store Vietnam, I got blocked during an important collab (BlackPink) without any form of official notice and after I'm already a paying customer and supporter of the game.

I know these supported/unsupported regions issue are complicated, just want to express the frustration from a player point of view. Hope the Kartrider Drift team can be more transparent on this issue.