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March 27th: Player Ban and Policy Violator Report

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edited 12:01PM March 27, 2024 in Code of Conduct Violations
We have taken action against players found to be in violation of our policies and Terms of Use. Please see below for a detailed report on these actions. We will continue to improve our process to ensure a pleasant, fair, and welcoming environment for all.

This report includes the results of the crackdown on abusing the win streak error.

We ask Racers to actively report players breaking the rules using the "Report" feature in-game.

To report a player please navigate to the Lobby and either select [Menu] -> [Report] OR select [Social] and select the Racer’s name in any section it appears. You may also search for the racers name in the [Social] menu.
▶ Report Period
This report is for the following dates: March 18th, 2024 (Monday) - March 24th, 2024 (Sunday) (UTC+9)
▶ Unauthorized Program Creation/Use
We have banned the following players confirmed to be using unauthorized programs. (Total of 4 Racers)
▶ Abuse of Win Streak Error
We have banned the following players confirmed to be abusing the win streak error. (Total of 33 Racers)
▶ Abnormal Play Behavior Match Separating Results Notice
Abnormal play has been identified and processed according to the operating policy, and temporary matchmaking separation measures have been implemented. (Total of 13 Racers)
Abnormal game data has been detected, and the operational policy has implemented permanent matchmaking separation measures. (Total of 88 Racers)
▶ Restriction of use of Liveries/Stickers
In cases where unpleasant or inappropriate livery/sticker designs are created, restrictions on the use of liveries/stickers and game access restrictions have been implemented based on the severity of the violation. (Total of 4 Racers)
▶ Inappropriate Racer Name
We forcibly changed some players’ inappropriate racer names to appropriate nicknames if their names violated the naming policy, such as using expletives or obscenities. Game restrictions may be placed on these accounts based on the number of offenses.
▶ Market Violations
If payment process provided by the store is exploited for malicious purposes, sanctions will be imposed. (Total of 1 Racer)

▶ Notes
- Ban/Game restrictions may vary based on the specific offense as well as number of offenses. Please refer to the KartRider: Drift Terms of Use for more information.
- Action was taken on accounts both reported by the community and accounts discovered to be in violation by our own monitoring.
We will always strive to provide fair gameplay and a welcoming game environment.

Thank you!