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Salvation's Edge World First

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Hey Guardians! Have you checked out the new Salvation's Edge raid in Destiny 2: The Final Shape? The World First race is happening right now, and it's intense! Players from all over the world are racing to finish the raid first. With special rules for the first 48 hours, it's even more challenging than usual.

It looks like Team Parabellum, with players like Tyraxe and Astro, might have finished first, but Bungie is still verifying it. This raid has become the longest in Destiny 2 history, even longer than The Last Wish. The puzzles and fights are really hard, especially the final encounter with The Witness.

Streamers like Datto and Saltagreppo are live-streaming their progress. The White Room puzzle is stumping a lot of teams.

What are your thoughts on the raid? Have you tried it yet? Let’s discuss how everyone is doing with this new Final Shape raid!