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Ello all.

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I'm relatively new to the whole Kart Rider community (since Rush+ was released) but im already a massive addict, having grown up playing mario kart this game brings back so many great memories. Hopefully i get chosen for the closed beta for this game, it looks absolutely awesome :)
As a side note, if you want to add me on Kart Rider Mobile my in game name is OddPoppet.....
Hope to see you all in game, and best of luck in all your races.


  • NovaKRNovaKR
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    Welcome to the community, OddPoppet! I'll be hoping that you get a beta key too, but I'm sure you will ;P Happy racing!
  • YahaYaha
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    Welcome ! Just a little piece of wait ! D-8 ! ;)
  • PerceptivityPerceptivity
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    Welcome to the forum and the community!