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Racer Feedback Recap & 2021 Prep!

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edited 7:06PM December 28, 2020 in Official News
Hey there, Racers!

I'm JL, a KartRider: Drift developer.

In today's blog, we're going to take some time to organize our thoughts based on the stories you have shared with us in 2020. Various Racers from all over the world have discussed what KartRider: Drift needs through fan sites and Discord, as well as speaking to the development team, who is always interested in hearing game feedback.

We’ve said that our goal is to make KartRider: Drift with our Racers, and the stories you have shared with us in 2020 have been a very important part of our ongoing development. We wanted to summarize some of the major points and share with you some of the changes that are already in store.

New Kart Production

Karts are very important in racing, which makes them key to enjoying KartRider: Drift. Racers have shown the most interest in this area and have shared many stories about various unique karts they would like to see, as well as karts from the original KartRider that they would like to see.

In KartRider: Drift, we are going to follow through on this by developing and creating unique karts along with karts from the original KartRider. Today, we are revealing the images of new karts you will be test-driving soon, and look forward to more unique karts in the future.


New Contents

Of all the stories from Racers in 2020, there are many new and fresh ideas for how to upgrade the essential joy of racing in KartRider: Drift along with the contents you have enjoyed in the original KartRider.

We are introducing new game modes and features that are being produced based on your opinions about various pieces of content within KartRider: Drift. Please take a look at what we have made public so far, as additional content is under development.
  • Grand Prix Mode: Competition mode in which you can test your skills in both Item and Speed Modes
  • Time Attack Rank: View each Racer's track record and the ranking for each track
  • Infinite Boost Mode: Speed Mode in which you no longer have to stress about charging the Boost Gauge

New Varied Tracks

We believe that the best way to enjoy KartRider: Drift is to compete and collaborate in various types of tracks to create new stories. One of the strongest suggestions we received from you, our Racers, was that you want to experience different tracks. The development team agreed that it is necessary to provide more fun by providing various track types.

More varied spaces and tracks with different difficulties than what was experienced in the previous Closed Beta tests are waiting for the Racers. The tracks are continuously being developed to provide more joy to the Racers. We are revealing the images of two new tracks today, and we are planning to develop more tracks in the future, so please keep checking back.


The feedback sent by you, Racers, is the direction KartRider: Drift is taking, and we want to keep hearing from you to help shape the direction going forward. Should you have any opinions about KartRider: Drift, please leave a word in the community channels such as the Forums and Discord.

Lastly, we would like to share our New Year’s greeting with you as 2021 is right around the corner.


Racing on the track with everyone has created happy memories for 2020 for us, and it is a shame that we didn't get to spend more time together. Leaving behind the regrets of 2020, in the upcoming 2021, we will do our best to spend more fun-filled time with our Racers.

We wish you health and all the best in the new year, and please hang on tight until the day KartRider: Drift is ready for you.



  • SAH77777SAH77777
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    Posts: 41
    Great! More more more fun stuff

    Please also make animated animal characters to race as (e.g. kitten, parrot, and not just static animal karts) - thanks!
  • SAH77777SAH77777
    KartRider: Drift Rep: 620
    Posts: 41
    Great! More more more great stuff

    Please also make animated animal characters to race as (e.g. kitten, parrot, and not just static animal karts) - thanks!