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Can't login

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in Bug Reporting

is my error. What shall i do ?


  • MavementMavement
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  • KartridersucksKartridersucks
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    This game sucks and on Xbox series X I have installed it five times at least and it never once will log me in since day one and it's been out for at least 2 weeks now or more what a piece of crap game you can't even get it to log in my profile on my Xbox and open garbage what's the point of a Nexon account you don't have a game that's worth of crap your entire game does not work at all doesn't even open past the login point and it says failed to login network error I have awesome internet and a series X that is wired that is the biggest bullshit I've ever heard and I hate the creators of this game for not explaining or addressing this problem
  • SmallerbeeSmallerbee
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    edited 10:35AM November 17, 2022
    Thanks for your report in this thread, @Kartridersucks

    But that link is actually just to an image hosting site! Similar to imgur. Appreciate the vigilance :)