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Pre-Register for Official Launch Rewards!

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Model Student Diz Pre-Registration

You can sign up today and claim Model Student Diz to use when KartRider: Drift launches later this year! This most studious appearance is completely free and available to anyone who signs up on the Model Student Diz Pre-Registration site, so check it out today!

Special Platform Items
When KartRider: Drift launches, you'll be able to claim special items for the platform you're playing on. Each platform, including Steam, Nexon Launcher, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and iOS, will have their own set of unique styles for Brodi or Bazzi, plus a kart, that you'll get entirely for free, just for playing!


Pictured Left to Right:

Nexon Bazzi and Kart, awarded while playing on Nexon Launcher
Comet Brodi and Muscle, awarded while playing on Steam
Cosmic Brodi and Muscle, awarded while playing on Xbox consoles
Quantum Brodi and Muscle, awarded while playing on PlayStation consoles
Able Brodi and Kart, awarded while playing on iOS devices
Play Bazzi and Kart, awarded while playing on Android devices

Note: Each item can only be used when playing on its specific platform, and Racers on other platforms will only see the default style.

We have much more to share with you soon, so keep your eyes here for more information on KartRider: Drift!


  • MillionGamerMillionGamer
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    I have pre-register for my Xbox!!! Can’t wait to finally play this game been waiting forever since 15th November 2019!!!

    Je me suis pré-enregistrée pour ma Xbox!!! J’ai trop hâte de finalement jouer a ce jeux j’attend depuis le 15 Novembre 2019!!!