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Game Guides: 2. Racing Pass

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You can claim various rewards such as emotes, karts, accessories, and outfits by leveling up during each season! You can check the current season's rewards by navigating to “Racing Pass” in the main menu.

Racing Pass UI
Season: Displays the current season number and the remaining days in the season.
Racing Pass Level: Displays the current Racing Pass level and the required Trophies for the next level.
Racing Pass Rewards: This is the Racing Pass reward for level 3. You are able to preview the rewards.
Buy Levels: You can purchase Trophies needed to level up with K-COIN.

- What are Challenges?
Challenges are missions that give "Trophies" as a reward to increase your Racing Pass level.
∙ Normal Challenges: These can be done by all racers. Three Normal Challenges are given randomly every day. (Resets at 12:00 AM UTC)
∙ Premium Challenges: These are additional challenges for racers who purchased the Premium Racing Pass. Seven Premium Challenges are given each week. Premium Challenges don't reset and can be freely completed until the season ends.
Reward Trophies: Number of Trophies you can get by completing the relevant Normal Challenges.
Progress and Completion Requirement: You can see the current progress of the Challenge and the completion requirement.

Premium Racing Pass
You can spend K-COIN in the shop to purchase the Premium Racing Pass.
Purchase the Premium Racing Pass to access the premium rewards and complete the Premium Challenges.
*Purchasing the Premium Racing Pass will give you all the premium rewards for the current season level.

* Purchasing the Premium Racing Pass will give you all the premium rewards for the current season level.