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Game Guides: 5. Kart Upgrades

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You can upgrade your kart's performance in the Garage. Head on over to the “Garage” tab in the main menu, select “Kart,” and then go over to the “Upgrade” tab!
Upgrading your kart's tier will give you special gears that can increase a stat of your choice.

Gears and Kart Tiers
Kart Tier: There are 5 tiers, Common → Fine → Rare → Heroic → Legendary, and the number of gears given at each tier will vary.
Gear: Gears can raise a kart's Speed / Acceleration / Boost Acceleration / Boost Time. (Up to Stage 10)

Upgrading Kart Tier
You can try to upgrade the kart tier with Lucci. If you succeed, you will be given gears.
Details for each tier are as follows:
* Lucci will be spent regardless of whether the upgrade has been successful or not.

Applying and Resetting Gears
Owned Gears: Number of available gears.
Use Gears: Number of gears used when applied.
Applicable Gears: Kart's increased performance upon using the gear. Performance that's currently applied is shown in blue, and the performance that is about to be applied is displayed in yellow.
Revert: Resets the gears (in yellow) that were set to be applied.
Apply Gears: Applies the gears (in yellow) that are set to be applied.
You can reset applied gears by pressing the “Reset Gears” button in the upgrade area.
Resetting gears will cost Lucci and all your applied gears will be reset. (Your total number of gears is retained.)

The amount of Lucci spent to reset gears increases based on the number of gears applied.

※ The images in this guide were taken from the test environment. They may change according to future updates.