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Game Guides: 6. Livery System

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You can customize your kart in the garage. From the garage, select “Kart” and then head over to the “Livery” tab.
You can change the color of your kart or decorate it with decals that you have crafted.

Managing Your Livery
• Livery Wrapping Order
1. Equip the kart that you wish to customize and click “[Manage Livery - Menu - New Wrap]”.
2. Select the desired color in the “Paint Menu”.
* The higher the Kart Rank, the more options available.
3. Click + in the “Decal Menu” and select the desired decal.
- Additional image decals can be obtained via Achievements and more.
- You can check decals created in the “Create Decal” menu in “My Decals”.
- The “Received Decals” menu is currently in development, and the function will be opened at a later date.
Select the desired decal, and adjust the position and size using “Edit Position”.
Click “Change Decal” on the bottom right to remove the decal you are editing and work on another decal.
You can use functions such as Flip, Mirror, and Reset Position through the menu.

4. If you have finished editing, you can click “[Done]” and select “[Save]” to enter a Livery name.
- You can create up to 3 liveries per kart by default.

Creating Decals
• Create Decals Order
1. Click + in “[Livery - Create Decal]”.
2. Select the desired design in the decal menu.
3. Select “Edit Color↔Edit Position” to edit the decal’s color/size/direction.
4. If you have finished editing, you can click “[Done]” and select “[Save]” to enter a decal name.
- You can create up to 10 decals per account by default.
5. You can view the decals you have created in “My Decals”.

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