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Game Guides: 7. Mobile Controls

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Changing Controls for Mobile
On mobile platforms, each racer can change the control settings to suit their play style.
Choose your preferred controls through the cogwheel icon at the top-right of the “Lobby” screen and then head to “[Settings - Controls]”.

Basic Controls UI
The basic controls are shown as Type A, B, and C.
You can also customize the Control UI to your preference through “User Settings”.

- Controls - Type A
Change directions with your left hand. Change other controls with your right hand (recommended for right-handed racers).

- Controls - Type B
Change directions with your right hand. Change other controls with your left hand (recommended for left-handed racers).

- Controls - Type C
Change directions with both hands. Drift with either hand.

Customizing Controls
When you select “User Settings”, the location, size, and transparency of all UI elements can be set up to your liking.
You can also turn ON/OFF the UI for game-related info (Rank List, Mini Map, etc.).

How to Customize Controls
Select a preset to save to your settings. (Can save up to 3)
Select a UI you wish to change. (The selected UI will be marked with a white square box.)
- Drag the icon to a location of your choice.
- Check or uncheck next to “Off” for game-related UI that you wish to turn ON/OFF.
Set button sizes and transparency in the “Settings” UI.
Save your settings or reset them to default.

Example Settings:
Along with the Control icon, game-related UI (Rank List, Mini Map, etc.) can be freely adjusted.
There are no limits to adjustments, so try to set up controls that suit your preference!

※ The images in this guide were taken from the test environment. They may change according to future updates.