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Game Guides: 9. Social Features

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You can create a Party or become friends with other racers in “[In-Game Lobby - Social]” to enjoy the game together.
Friends System

1. Friend List
∙ You can view all of your friends regardless of the platform they are playing on in the “Friend List”.
∙ You can also check your friends’ “[Online/In Game/In a Party/Offline]” status.

2. Add Friend
∙ When clicking “Add Friend” you can use the “[Recommended Friends/Pending Requests/Search Friends]” menus.
1) Recommended Friends : Some racers you have played with recently will populate here.
2) Pending: A list of racers who have requested to become friends with you will be shown.
The request must be accepted within 7 days or it will disappear from the waiting list. It will also disappear from the waiting list if you accept or reject the request.
3) Search for Friends: You can add friends by searching for their racer name.

3. Delete and Block Friends
1) Details: You can view the friend’s level(s), license, and profile tags.
2) Remove Friend : Select the racer name from your “Friend List” and then use the “Delete Friend” button in the details to remove them from the list.
3) Block : Select the racer name in the “Friend List” or in the “[Recommended Friends/Pending/Search Friends]” menus and block them.
∙ You will not match with racers on the Block List and cannot use voice chat features with them.
∙ You cannot invite blocked racers to a party nor participate in a party they are in.
* How to Unblock : Select and unblock racers from the Lobby’s “[Menu > Block List]”.

Party System
1. Party Invite
∙ You cannot invite racers that are already registered in a party or are offline.
∙ You can play the game with friends using one of the following 3 methods:
∙ You can select an empty slot in the “Party Members List” found in the “[Social > Party]” tab and invite a friend to the party.
∙ You can select a friend from the “[Social > NEXON]” tab and invite them to the party.
∙ You can select an empty slot in “[Play > Custom Race]” to invite a friend to a game.
∙ When racers who have received a party invitation click “[Accept]”, they join the party and the host’s lobby.
2. Set as Party Leader
∙ The racer that first invites another racer to their party becomes the Party Leader.
∙ The Party Leader can invite or kick out members, and decide whether to accept racers into the party.
∙ Setting Party Leaders can be done via selecting “Party Member > Set as Party Leader”.
3. Leave Party and Disband
∙ You can leave a party by clicking “Social > Leave Party”.
∙ Parties are automatically disbanded when all members leave the party.

※ The images in this guide were taken from the test environment. They may change according to future updates.