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In Game and Holiday Events

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Hey Racers!

With Halloween coming up it got us thinking, what kind of holiday/non-holiday in-game events would you like to see in KartRider: Drift? Have you seen any events that you think would fit in KartRider: Drift? While we’re a racing game, we’d love to brainstorm ideas and see how we can create some cool events!


  • Blaues_DingBlaues_Ding
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    Here is an idea for a Halloween event...
    Racers can choose to start event races item or speed. These are seperated from all other races and on random tracks of the ghost theme.
    On the tracks are hidden but visible pumpkins to collect.
    Racers in pumpkin karts (free to use while the event) can collect those pumpkins. All racers earn pumpkin points connected to the race results.

    Pumpkin points will activate Halloween themed extras (lasting untill the end of the event).
    With the collected pumpkins you are able to use a fortune wheel an win prizes like karts, extras or coins (min. amount of coins as consolation prize).
  • PolioNortePolioNorte
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    To celebrate, personally i always like to see decorations about the holiday everywhere, like christmas trees, lights and other things while in someone's house at december for example, my suggestion is to create themed versions of the classic tracks, at least for halloween and christmas, as a "pure cosmetic" change, without changing any collision or route.
  • AlitaAngleAlitaAngle
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    I can not wait to play "drift" any more,start the "Halloween Test" from now. Every new thing and events about Halloween is OK!