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Player Skill Difference Discussion Topic

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Hey Racers!

With KartRider’s history it’s not exactly a secret that there’s some skill gap between players and regions. Is there anything KartRider: Drift can do to change that fact, or is just up to players to get good?

Do you think it will ever be bridged? Tell us why!


  • Blaues_DingBlaues_Ding
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    I think it's a special thing of south east asian people to hype things as much.
    On the other side nobody has cared about western region players since the end of NAKR. So this skill gap was predictable.
    The only thing you could do now is advertising the comeback of (the real) Kartrider in western regions!
  • AlitaAngleAlitaAngle
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    Like POP I, don't change these good ideas, player want to kepp them on.
    1、Open the group, you can choose every group you want to join. And in the gruop, button Ctrol 1-9 is different face
    2、Before the game start, button ←→ can shake the body, shift+↑ can jet
    3、After the player arrive the end, button ←→ can shake the body, shift+↑ can jet. too
    So how to improve the skill gap betwwen the player and region, it's simple
    1、make sure good network, make sure every player have fun in your region or local country
    2、no matter player come from which region, just take more game competition,(virtual)——local competition(real world)and after that, take more international competition,(real world)
    Great skills from lots of driving