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edited 10:54AM December 6, 2019 in Gameplay Discussion
Where are the real lobby systems with the chat window? The game feels like a single-player game sitting in a lonely ass lobby waiting for a connection to a room. Horrible design trying to imitate Mario kart. This is not Mario kart this is kart rider. bring back old lobby and matchmaking where you had a window with all other players and you could chat with them. tHE VOICE CHAT IS COOL but I'm not in the mood of hearing people rant yelling in my ears. This hardly feels like Kartrider at all.

Bring back custom race lobby where you create a room and other players join in and you chat as you wait. The game feels pretty lonely and single player-ish as it is now.
  1. Bring back old lobby system6 votes
    1. yes
       83% (5 votes)
    2. no
       17% (1 vote)


  • CapEricCapEric
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    Now that I think about it I think they were trying to make it look a bit like a MOBA.
    I do wish that they bring back the classic feel.
    This game is only fun with other players/friends so the social aspect needs to be incorporated. A MUST!