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Control layout for manual acceleration (Mobile)

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edited 8:20AM February 23, 2023 in Gameplay Discussion
As we all know, manual acceleration is not available for mobile devices unlike other platforms which could greatly affect the overall fairness of the game and how the players drive their karts.
The control UI on mobile is designed to be as simple as possible allowing it possible to play on two fingers.

So I request that a new control layout will be added to the game with manual acceleration so that the players can switch between the different control layouts. Here I'd like to demonstrate a control layout with manual acceleration which can be playable on two fingers:
• Drift button replaced with accelerate button.
• Double tap steering button to drift.
Example demonstrated through image:

This new layout allows manual acceleration while maintaining the SIMPLICITY of the layout just like the original one. I hope this control layout will be tested and implemented into the game as it can solve the concerns of many mobile players.


  • SparkleXSparkleX
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    Ah, I see. I agree with your suggestion for the overhauled control layout using the touch screen controls. Nice thought!
    Also, would be nice to have the option to turn it off if using controllers!
  • TheHeavieKiwieTheHeavieKiwie
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    Just leaving here a note that the opening post was edited as the image wasn't showing properly as it was intended.
  • Blaues_DingBlaues_Ding
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    Nice thoughts...
    There should be an option to slow down instantly and just a little bit compared to breaking.

    I'm thinking about a different thing...
    Acceleration via motion sensor