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The Problem when Inviting Other Players to Join Us

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in Gameplay Discussion
Please reduce the waiting time for the other player to respond to an invitation we give out. Once we invite a player, we are forced to wait for their response and we won't be able to start a game or going through shops, etc. The problem here is that the waiting time lasts for several minutes and the player we invite is intentionally not responding to the invitation for the sake of annoying us. And because these players don't respond, we are just stuck there. So please reduce the waiting time when inviting a player. It shouldn't take a long time for a player to respond to an invitation. Or maybe it is probably better to restrict the invited player from doing anything else until they respond to it because that way, we will get a direct response.

Also one last note that this is on mobile and I don't know how it's on PC but I assume it's the same thing through PC as well.