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Game Guides Part 16: How to Play on Console!

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With the launch of Season 1 that means you can now play on Xbox and PlayStation.
We would like to inform you on how to play on console.

■ Logging into the console version of KartRider: Drift
1) Install game, 2) Create account, 3) Change linked account

| How to Install KartRider: Drift
Install the game from the store of the platform you are using to play.
[Xbox Store]
[PlayStation Store]

| How to Create A KartRider: Drift Account
When you connect to KartRider: Drift for the first time after installing the game, you can either link an account to play or create a guest account.
(Important!) You must link your Nexon account before playing to use the data from mobile/PC on console.
See the link below for details on console account link & guest account.
[Account Linking Guides]

| How to Change Console Linked Account
To change the Nexon account linked to the console, you need to unlink the Nexon account first.
Unlinking and linking the Nexon account can be done from the website or in the game.

1. (Website) How to Change Linked Account
At the bottom of the official KartRider: Drift website is the [Account Linking] menu where you can unlink and link another Nexon account. <- Link/screenshot will be added

2. (Game) How to Change Linked Account
Click the Unlink button in [Settings > Manage Account > Link Account] within the game to unlink.
The Create/Link Account screen appears when you reconnect to the game. Log in with the Nexon account of your choice to change the linked account.
[Take Note When Creating and Linking Account]
1. When linking a Nexon account, a Nexon account already linked to another account of the same console cannot be linked.
- Example 1) Nexon account linked to an Xbox account called A cannot be linked to an Xbox account called B.
- Example 2) Nexon account linked to an Xbox account called A can be linked to a PlayStation account called B.
2. If you play with a guest account, you can't use the Nexon account played in PC/mobile for that console.
3. If you want the guest account gameplay data on the PC/mobile environment, you need to link to a Nexon account that has no history of connecting to the game.
4. If you want to link gameplay data of an existing Nexon account after creating the guest account, you need to use the [Delete Account] feature in Settings > Manage Account > Delete Account to delete the data immediately and then link. However, the data is deleted after a 15-day grace period for a normal Nexon account.
5. The game data is saved in the Nexon account when you unlink the Nexon account.

■ How to Play the Game on Console
1) Change racer name, 2) Change Settings

| How to Change Console Racer Name
Racers who play KartRider: Drift on console do not create a separate racer name. Instead their console nickname (gamertag) is automatically set as the racer name.
If you want to change the racer name, change the nickname from the console. The changed nickname will automatically apply in the game as the racer name.

| How to Change Console Settings
1. How to Set Up Console Keys
The console controller button guide can be found in [Menu > Button Guide].
If you want to change the key settings tailored to you, you can change the settings in [Menu > Settings > Controls].
If you want to turn off the controller vibration, you can change the settings in [Menu > Settings > General > Vibration].

2. How to Set Up Cross-Platform Play
Console has a cross-platform play feature to restrict the platform of racers you play with.
Settings can be made to play with racers on console or all platforms.
[Take Note When Setting Up Cross-Platform Play]
- If you don't use cross-platform play, you will get matched with racers on the same platform and this could affect the matching time.
- If you don't use cross-platform play, only your platform ranking will display for Time Attack and you won't be able to view the Overall/Region info.
Also, ranked racers based on the rankings of the same platform will be selected in Ranked Challenge.
- If you turn off Cross-Platform Play, you can participate in Grand Prix against racers of the same platform.

3. Livery Display Settings Feature
If you don't want to see the livery of other racers, you can change the livery display settings.
[Take Note When Changing Settings]
- Voice chat and not only livery will be disabled if the console account is a child account.
※ Updated: 3/08/2023
※ The images in this guide were taken from the test environment.
They may change according to future updates.