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March 17th - Market Abusers Report

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in Code of Conduct Violations
We have taken action against players found to be in violation of our open market process. Those who abused the process for profit have been suspended.
Please submit a ticket to Player Support if you want a refund of the purchased item.
▶ Report Period
This report is for the following dates: 2/16/2023 (Thur) - 2/22/2023 (Wed)
▶ Market Violations (Total of 1 Racer)
▶ Restriction Period
-Permanently banned from the game.

▶ How to Appeal
-Please submit a ticket to Player Support if you would like to appeal your ban.
-Please see KartRider: Drift Operation Policy for details.

We will always strive to provide fair gameplay and a welcoming game environment.

Thank you.