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Achievement Wüsten Elite

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edited 1:33PM April 3, 2023 in Tech Support
Hello, I have a request / suggestion for improvement:
Affects the Desert Elite Achievement. It would be nice if you could choose the race yourself for this, which would then be similar to the achievement Desert Ace.
But a better / simpler sorting would be conceivable, namely, if one were to introduce a category of difficulty 3, the probability that one would be assigned the race Pharaoh's slope would be significantly higher.
In addition, a new category with difficulty 4+ and everything would be great.
I've gotten to the point where I start a race and if it's not Pharaoh's Track I close the game, restart it and try my luck again. It's definitely not intended that way and of course reduces the fun of the game. But I still have a life outside of Kartrider Drift ;-)
If you want to get the achievement in the normal way, you play forever.
Maybe that can be implemented in the next update. I think I'm not the only one with this request/problem.


  • wolfi0704wolfi0704
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    I have now unlocked all achievements except for "The Racing Never Ends (1) ", but Nexon is already working flat out on a solution.

    I then have to correct my statement regarding the achievement "Dessert Elite". I let myself be influenced too much by a post in another forum. So the frequency of the race "Pharaoh's Track" is perfectly fine for the achievement and comparable to the other "Dessert" achievements.

    But now comes the "but": A new category 4+ as I suggested would still be nice because the variety of routes is not well balanced. There are routes that I must have ridden more than 50 times on the way to the achievement, but there were other routes of category 3+ that did not occur once. As I said, it was completely ok for the achievent and certainly helpful, but the new category 4+ would definitely make a lot of sense for long-term fun.