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Full Kart Wraps/Skins For Purchase, Sell or to Gif

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edited 9:24AM April 12, 2023 in Gameplay Discussion

Like many I enjoy the customization aspect of the game as well as the racing but many people dont know how the customization section works so they dont bother. I had to mess around with it for a while before getting the hang of it. It would be awesome if full kart wraps can be purchased for Lucci that covered the entire kart without having to position decals yourself. Also User custom made wraps should be shareable or sellable to other users especially if you're on a team and want everyone on the team to have identical wraps. Maybe even a wrap Auction House sectioned into kart models where users can create full wraps, pack them up and put them on the auction house for sale or give them away and when the package is opened the wrap is automatically installed on the entire kart paint and decal locations exact the way it was designed and maybe WITHOUT the option to change to keep it authentic to the creator. I have some awesome wraps i would have liked to share but cant.




  • TheHeavieKiwieTheHeavieKiwie
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    Those full kart wraps were a feature in the BETA version. I think we will get that feature soon so technically we can consider the wish granted.
  • angelarbattyangelarbatty
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    Online Marketplaces: Websites like eBay, Etsy, or specialized online stores might have sellers offering kart wraps for sale. You can browse through their listings san francisco hair salons to find designs that suit your preferences.

    Custom Graphics Shops: Many shops specialize in creating custom graphics for vehicles, including karts. You can reach out to these shops and inquire about purchasing pre-made designs or commissioning a custom wrap.