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Welcome CM Miso!

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edited 4:23PM May 11, 2023 in Official News
Hey Racers!

I have big news to share! We have a second Community Manager joining us! I’m so excited to introduce you all to CM Miso, the newest addition to the team!

I’m sure you all noticed I’m a bit more absent from the server these days, so Miso is here to help me out. This means not only will I have more time for all of you, but we’ll have a second set of eyes going through everything to make sure we don’t miss a thing!

Miso is an absolute joy to work with and lots of fun to talk to, so I’m sure you all will love her! I hope you all will make Miso feel as at home as you made me feel when I joined. Miso doesn’t have the few months I had where the game wasn’t out to git gud without y’all, so go easy!! (or retire Miso by 500 meters whatever you prefer)


  • MisoMiso
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    Heya Racers!

    I’m so stoked on finally getting to meet y’all! I’m here to help out @Smallerbee with some of his normal duties and I’ll be lingering around to help any of you lovely folks if you have questions or concerns. Don’t be shy, my DMs are open for you!

    As a bit of a background check, I have been playing games for most of my life, and especially more towards competitive style games. KartRider: Drift came into my radar fairly recently and it has been a great ride ever since (pun not intended… or maybe it was...). Jokes aside, I’m having a great time racin’ through and I am super excited to play with everyone~! wootwoot!

    I’ll be seeing y’all on the track~