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PlayStation/Xbox controller paired with Smartphone

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in Bug Reporting

Been playing on mobile since KartRider Drift pre-season and it's fun.

Thing is on mobile it's hard to compete with PC gamers whom can do snake drifts and more much easier, so I unfortunately stopped playing speed mode Grand Prix in Season 1 as it became rather very frustrating than enjoyable. Even so it ment the loss of getting atleast Gold and it's karts.

So I finally could get hold of a PS4 and PS5 controller and somethings are easier now then vs touchscreen gameplay.

But I've found some flaws and one is that speed boost on the start still has to be done manually and can't be done with the controller for some reason and auto-accelerate can't be turned off on smartphone (Android OS in my case), not even when a controller is paired with the smartphone.
(I've tested many ways and possibilities)

Please fix that, so it's possible to do a boost start when using a controller on smartphone!
Auto-accelerate on/off when a controller is paired should be optional.

An additional good idea and feature would be to be able to map the buttons inGame when a controller (PlayStation or Xbox) is paired and the regular showing touchscreen buttons will disappear not showing inGame anymore giving an even fuller and clearer display/screen (not setting everything to tranparency when playing with controller and then back when on the go or playing during lunch break for example with out a controller)

That whould be very nice