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Season 1 Grand Prix Rewards Notice

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edited 4:10PM May 11, 2023 in Official News
Hello Racers!

As was mentioned in the Season 2: World Kart Championship Patch Notes, the criteria for the Grand Prix Ranks have changed.

The Season 1 Grand Prix reward distribution method has changed for racers who did not receive it before the May 10 (PT) maintenance.

If you have not received the Season 1 Grand Prix rewards yet, they will be sent to your mailbox based on the data when the maintenance started.


Season 1 Grand Prix Rewards Distribution
  • Recipients: Racers who didn't receive the Season 1 Grand Prix rewards before the May 10 (PT) maintenance
  • Requirement: Played at least 10 races per Grand Prix (normal finish)
  • Date and Time: Will be given in order after the May 10 (PT) maintenance
  • Contents: Rewards based on the rank when Season 1 Grand Prix ended have been sent to your mailbox


Please Note!
  • The mail that includes the Season 1 Grand Prix reward items expires on July 12 (PT). The rewards will be automatically deleted if not claimed within that period.