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Season 2 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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  • Q: What's needed to participate in the Grand Prix Season 2?
    A: You must have a B1 License to participate in the Season 2 Grand Prix.
    Future seasons may have additional participation requirements.
  • Q: What are the Grand Prix ranks and their criteria?
    A: 1. Grand Prix Rank
    - The ranks are, in order, Challenger > Bronze > Silver > Gold > Master > Grandmaster.
    - Challengers are players who haven't played a single game after the Grand Prix has begun.
    - Challengers will initially start the Grand Prix with Silver rank. However, those players with a Grand Prix record from the previous season will have the Grand Prix Points (GPP) calculated by applying the previous season's GPP.

    2. Grand Prix Points (GPP) Criteria per Rank
    - Ranks are determined based on the GPP that's calculated every day between 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM UTC, and can be seen in [Profile] - [Grand Prix Record] and in the Grand Prix Lobby.
  • Q: I want to know more about Grand Prix tracks.
  • Q: What are the Grand Prix rewards?
    A: Grand Prix rewards are composed of Place Rewards and Rank Rewards, and are given out 24 hours after the season ends.
    Please keep in mind that you will need to claim your rewards before the next season ends.

    - Reward Distribution Requirement: Play at least 10 races per Grand Prix (normal finish)
    - Rewards are given based on your final rank and placement at the end of the season.
    - Rank Rewards and Placement Rewards are given together.
    Place Rewards:

    Rank Rewards:

    [*Q: I didn't get the Grand Prix rewards.
    A: The Grand Prix rewards are given 24 hours after the season ends. They are given to racers who meet the following criteria.

    - Played at least 10 races per Grand Prix mode (normal finish). For example, 12 races in Speed Grand Prix and 8 races in Item Grand Prix only qualifies you for Speed GP Rewards.
    - Given when logging in 24 hours after season ends, and are available until the end of the next season

  • Q: Are there perks for using the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass subscription services?
    A: You can receive the rewards below each season for using the PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass subscription services.

    [Season 2 Reward Guide]
    - Schedule: May 11, 2023 (Thurs) 4:00 PM - July 10, 2023 (Mon) 1:00 AM UTC
    - Reward: 14,000 Lucci (Can be obtained once per season)
    - Eligibility: Subscribed to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass

    [How to Get Reward]
    * PlayStation Plus > Benefits > Essential > Exclusive Packs > Download KartRider: Drift - Lucci Bonus Pack > Claim from in-game mailbox
    * Xbox Game Pass > Perks > Select KartRider: Drift Lucci Bonus Pack > Claim and copy redemption code > Press the ‘Next’ button and use the redemption code > Claim from in-game mailbox
  • Q: When do Challenges reset?
    A: When Challenges reset depends on the type of Challenge.

    [Daily Challenges]
    - Daily Challenges provide missions that all racers can participate in during the season.
    - 3 missions are provided every day.
    - Daily Challenges reset daily at 12:00 AM UTC

    [Premium Challenges]
    - These are special missions for racers who purchased the Premium Racing Pass.
    - Premium Challenges are unlocked weekly (Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC) and they reset when the season ends.

    [Event Challenges]
    - There are "Grand Prix Event Challenges" that can be done during the season and "Off Season Event Challenges" that can be done during the off season.

    1) Grand Prix Event Challenges
    - These can be done only during the season and 3 are provided each week.
    - They reset every Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC.

    2) Off Season Event Challenges
    - There is no separate reset time. These are missions that can be done once during the off season.
  • Q: What are the Challenge rewards?
    A: Challenges consist of Daily, Premium, and Event Challenges.

    ∙ Daily: Trophy
    ∙ Premium: Trophy
    ∙ Event:
    1) Grand Prix Event: Trophy
    2) Off Season Event: Lucci

    - You can level up your Racing Pass Trophies and rewards, and earn rewards upon reaching different levels.
    - If the Racing Pass is at max level, Lucci will be given as the reward instead of Trophies.
    - All Challenges (except for the Off Season Event Challenges) can only be done during the season.
    - Off Season Event Challenges can be done only once during the off season.

  • Q: When are the Event Challenges available?
    A: In the Season 2 Event Challenges, there are "Grand Prix Event Challenges" that can be done during the season and "Off Season Event Challenges" that can be done during the off season.

    [Grand Prix Event Challenges]
    - These Challenges can only be completed during Season 2. They are available after Season 2 starts until July 6 (Thur) 12:00 AM UTC.
    - 3 Grand Prix Challenges missions are provided each week.They reset every Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC.

    [Off Season Event Challenges]
    - These Challenges can only be done during the off season. They are available July 6 (Thur) 12:00 AM UTC until the start of Season 3.
    - There is no separate reset time. These are missions that can be done once during the off season.
  • Q: What are Balloons?
    A: The Balloon is a consumable that can be equipped to your kart to gain additional effects in Item Mode and Speed Mode. You can equip the Balloon of your choice in [Garage – Kart – Balloon].
    One Balloon is consumed per race in all content except for License Mode.
    Additional effects are unlocked by upgrading its rank. You can upgrade up to the Rare Rank in Season 2.
    Please see the Balloon Guide for more information!
  • Q: What is the Decal Market?
    A: In the Decal Market, you can sell decals that you have created in the [Livery] - [Create Decal] menu. You can also look up or purchase decals created by other players. Purchased decals can be viewed through the Livery menu and can be applied to your kart at any time.
  • Q: Why can’t I list a decal in the Decal Market?
    A: It takes a certain amount of time when a decal is listed to appear in the Decal Market. It will be listed according to the time when the Decal Market data is updated.

    If the decal design/image violates the UGC policy, the listing of that decal is canceled and won't be listed. The creator may also be penalized.

    Please note that it could take up to a few days for your decal to get listed due to the data update and review process.
  • Q: I found an inappropriate decal listed in the Decal Market!
    A: If you find an inappropriate decal while using the Decal Market, please use the [Report] feature.

    - Select the decal and click the [Report] menu. Then you can select categories such as "adult", "disgust", "violence", or "spoof" to proceed.
    - The same decal can be reported only once. You can report decals up to 3 times a day per Nexon account.
    - A decal that is reported a certain number of times will be removed from the market and suspended according to operation policy.

    False Reporter Penalty
    - If the report is reviewed and no violations are found, suspension of the reported decal will be lifted. In this case the reporter will be regarded as a false reporter.

    The false reporter will receive the following penalty based on the cumulative number of false reports made.

    - 3 cumulative false reports: cannot report for 7 days
    - 4-6 cumulative false reports: cannot report for 14 days
    - 7+ cumulative false reports: cannot report for 30 days
  • Q: Is Infinite Boost Mode only available for a limited time?
    A: Infinite Boost Mode is a new mode in the Mode Lab and is available only during Season 2.
  • Q: Why can’t I pick up items in Item Mode?
    A: To prevent abuse in Item Mode, the item box will become semi-transparent and you can't pick up items for a certain period if you have picked up 2 or more items from the same spot.

    You can pick up items normally in other sections.
  • Q: Tell me about the Excluded Tracks feature.
    A: The Excluded Tracks feature allows you to set up to 3 tracks you don't want to play when getting matched. Excluded Tracks can be set up in [Options].

    Excluded Tracks are set up separately for Item Mode and Speed Mode and are not applied in Grand Prix. When getting matched as a party, only the tracks selected by the party leader will be excluded.
  • Q: What is the Party Finder?
    A: Party Finder is a feature that allows you to randomly find other racers to play with. Press the [Lobby > Social > Party > Party Finder] button within the game to find a party.

    Note that some features are restricted while Party Finder is in progress.
    - Shop, Select Mode, Play, Friend Party Invite, Party Finder Settings, Leave Party

    Here are the features of Party Finder:

    - Party Custom Race Entry Feature
    > Your current party is disbanded after entering a custom race.

    - "Ready to Race Request" Feature
    > If a party member is not ready, the [Ready] or [Quick Match] button displays as [Ready Check] button.
    > [Ready Check] will request that party member to get ready.

    - Party Leave Feature
    > Press the Leave Party button in [Lobby > Social > Party] in the game to leave the party.
  • Q: Why did my friend request disappear?
    A: You can store up to 50 friend requests. If you get additional friend requests, the oldest friend requests will be deleted.

    Also, friend requests are stored up to 30 days. They are automatically deleted when the period ends.
  • Q: Why do I only get matched with tracks of the same difficulty in Item Mode and Speed Mode?
    A: Please check the following as they may affect the types of tracks that you are matched with..

    1. Earn B1 License
    - The difficulty of the tracks you can play increases depending on whether you have the B1 License in the game.
    - If you want to play even more diverse tracks, earn the B1 License in [Select Mode > License].

    2. Change Matching Options
    - Set the track difficulty in [Options] for Item Mode/Speed Mode to get matched.
    - Check and see if you have only tracks of certain difficulty as a selected option.

    * How to Change Options
    Lobby – Select Mode – Select Item Mode or Speed Mode – Click Options (default hotkey O for PC)
  • Q: I can't purchase items because the Shop button is disabled.
    A: Please check your party status if the Shop button is disabled. Entry to the Shop is restricted if Party Finder is in progress or if you sent a party invite and you’re waiting for the other player to accept.

    Also, keep in mind that the Shop cannot be used if you joined a party or are waiting to get matched!
  • Q: Why won’t my replays save?
    A: If your replays aren't saving, please check the following.

    - The Save Replay setting must be turned on from [Settings - General - Replay].
    - Only replays of games that are closed normally are saved, and any races that you leave in the middle won't have its replay saved.
    - Replays may not save if the lap time is too long.
  • Q: How can I delete a saved replay?
    A: You can view the replays you have saved in storage in [Your Replays].

    How to Delete Saved Replays
    1. Tap [Change Mode] - [Replay] - [Your Replays].
    2. Tap [Storage]
    3. Select and delete a replay.
  • I don't see the item log in Item Mode!
    A: You can view the item usage record for yourself and other racers in Item Mode. The record will be displayed when you use the item, and it will display if the item successfully hits or was blocked. (Angel Armor is displayed upon use)

    If you don't see the item usage record, make sure to enable "Show Item Log" from [Settings] -> [Gameplay].