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Anyone Here Played the Original Kartrider?

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in Off-Topic Discussion
I'm sure this game is more nostalgic than new for some players; I'd like to know if anyone here played the original!
I started playing in 2009, and got to blue star glove level 5.
So excited for this global release!
  1. New Player or Returning from the Original?16 votes
    1. New!
       13% (2 votes)
    2. Returning!
       88% (14 votes)


  • -CaPriCe--CaPriCe-
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    edited 2:46PM December 15, 2019
    I played back then..when it closed here I started playing the Korean version. There is a huge community at https://kartextreme.net/forum/index.php that has been playing way before it was first released here in 2008. Join us. We also have a very active discord and we are also on reddit.
  • PoofcatPoofcat
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    I touched it for a very short period of time when the original came out; I have almost no memory of it lol.
  • nesnalicanesnalica
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    i played the OG. jeez it was so long ago i don't even remember.

    there were cups in ESL. that's how I got into kartrider. while I wasn't particularly good, KR was the next best thing for PC online racing games similar to Mario kart
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