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Motorsport Decal / Wrap Design

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edited 11:00PM June 14, 2023 in Creative Corner
Decal / Wrap Design - BMW Motorsport: #BMW #Racing #Logos

Just thought I'd share a decal design I created in KartRider Drift based on the BMW Motorsport Emblem.
Information on the emblem can be found on the official BMW website: https://discover.bmw.co.uk/article/we-are-m
I've kept the number of layers (19) to as few as possible so the decal can be used up to 5 times on one wrap or used once with 81 layers remaining for additional decals.
I hope you like the images and if you do or not I'd appreciate it if you could leave a rating below.

Available to download and/or favorite in the KartRider Drift Decal Market*
* I will list/re-register the decal each week if it doesn't achieve enough interest and is removed.




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