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Game Guides Part 23: Infinite Boost Mode

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We would like to tell you all about Infinite Boost Mode, a mode that will become an official mode starting from Season 3! You can enter Infinite Boost Mode by heading to Lobby > Mode.

- Infinite Boost Mode -
You can fill the Boost Gauge more easily than normal Speed Mode in Infinite Boost Mode.
This mode allows you to enjoy the race with more thrilling speed by using Boosts.

The win/lose condition is the same as normal Speed Mode.

- Availability: 7/12/2023 (Wednesday) after maintenance - always available

- Infinite Boost Mode Guide -
- You can see the Infinite Boost Mode Guide for rules applied only in Infinite Boost Mode.
- You can find the guide in "Mode Lab – Infinite Boost Mode Guide".

- Infinite Boost Mode Rules -
- The Boost Gauge will fill up in proportion the more you get the timing of the Start Boost in Infinite Boost Mode.
- The speed of passive Boost Gauge gain while driving is faster. (Boost Gauge doesn't fill up when the speed is less than 100 km/h.)
- The Boost Gauge fills up with Instant Boosts or Drafts.
- The Boost Gauge doesn't reduce even when colliding into a wall while drifting.
- The Boost Gauge fills up automatically even when using Boost.

- Infinite Boost Mode Matching Settings -
- Infinite Boost Mode can be played in Solo/Duo/Squad.
- Both Quick Match and Party are available in Infinite Boost Mode.
- A party of 2 or more is automatically matched in Duo/Squad.

With detailed matchmaking options, you can race how you want! You can choose your opponents (Racer, Racers + AI, or AI), track difficulty, and even exclude specific tracks!

- Infinite Boost Mode Replay -
- Infinite Boost Mode gameplay videos can be saved in Replay starting from Season 3.
- Infinite Boost Mode Replay videos can be found in Your Replays > Infinite Boost Mode.

- Custom Race: Infinite Boost Mode -
-Infinite Boost Mode is also available in custom race starting from Season 3.
-Speed on the tracks with friends in Infinite Boost Mode.
※ Updated: 7/12/2023
※ The images in this guide were taken from the test environment. They may change according to future updates.