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Xbox Achievements Bugged

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in Bug Reporting
Hiya there,

So there has been ongoing issues with achievements on Xbox with this game since release. I see that even the recent seasonal update somehow borked the time trial achievement progress so that driving on any track made progress towards all tracks at once, which is kinda funny.

That's obviously not a huge issue since it is a positive break but the racing never ends achievements, both (1) and (2) appear to have stalled for scores of users on Xbox. Is there any danger of Nexon at least acknowledging this issue and looking for a fix? The in-game awards for the respective achievements do unlock, but somehow the progress for many of us is frozen at either 99% or 97% or thereabouts and will never move again.

I have heard of users delete their entire account and start again just for this achievement and it still not unlock so im not confident of a workaround. I am considering giving that a go though if the devs are uninterested in ever fixing these breaks, would like to know either way.