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Game Guides Part 11: Driver Assistance Features

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You can set the categories that are helpful while playing in [Menu] -> [Settings] -> [Gameplay].

You can select and use Driving Assistance Features as needed to get used to racing.

Before the start of each race, the Control Settings in use are displayed to the left of the character (Automatic/Original).

① Driving Settings
- Driving Settings will control certain parts of your kart for you. This allows Racers to focus on only one or more aspects of controlling their kart.
∙ Auto-Steering: Your kart will stay in the center of the track when you don't press any controls. This cannot be used in Time Attack.
∙ Auto-Accelerate: Your kart will accelerate on its own. (Used by default on mobile.)
∙ Off: You control manually with both Auto-Steering and Auto-Accelerate turned off.

② Control Settings
- Select controls helpful in racing.
- You can select the Control Settings when starting the tutorial and make changes later in Settings.
※ Notes
- All Control Settings values are reset when switching from Original to Automatic.

The following outlines each driving assistance setting in detail.
These settings can only be changed in the Original Control Setting and not Automatic (where everything is turned on and max drift correction is used).

① Drift Settings
∙ On: Gradually corrects your drift angle. Recommended for Racers not familiar with drifting.
∙ Off: Take precise control over your drift. Recommended for Racers who drift with precision.

② Driving Aid
- In Original Control Settings, "Edge Guardrails" and "Corner Guardrails" cannot be used.

∙ Edge Guardrails: A feature that places a guardrail on the cliff to prevent you from falling off.
(Left) Edge Guardrails enabled / (Right) disabled

∙ Corner Guardrails: A feature that places a guardrail on corners where it's easy to get stuck.
∙ Auto-Instant Boost (Item Mode): Automatically triggers Instant Boost in Item Mode when struck by an item or after drifting.
∙ Auto-Instant Boost (Speed Mode): Automatically triggers Instant Boost in Speed Mode after drifting.

③Display Guide
- You can select whether to display the guides while driving.
∙ Track Guidelines: Creates a guideline on the ground for you to follow along.
∙ Drift Zones: Highlights recommended drift zones.
∙ Instant Boost Hint: Displays a notification when you can use Instant Boost.
∙ Item Hint: An indicator appears when you're in a good position to use an item.
∙ Landing Spot: Displays where your kart will land when midair.
* Updated: 9/13/2023
* This guide was taken from the test environment.
It may change according to future updates.