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Game Guides Part 19: Mode Lab - Crossover Mode

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Let me tell you about the Crossover Mode being added to the Mode Lab.
What is Crossover Mode?
  • Crossover Mode Availability: September 13 (Weds) after maintenance - October 11 (Weds) (PST)
  • Crossover Mode is a new mode that combines both Speed and Item Modes.

Crossover Mode Guide
  • In Crossover Mode, you can obtain Boosts through drifting just like in Speed Mode and also obtain items from Item Boxes.
  • Balloon effects apply to both Item and Speed.
Crossover Mode Exclusive Item
  • The new item that can be used in Crossover Mode is as follows.
Other items that can be acquired in Crossover Mode are as follows.
Crossover Mode Tracks
  • Crossover Mode can only be played on designated tracks and some Speed exclusive tracks.
Crossover Mode Matching Settings
  • Matching for Crossover Mode can be done in Solo Mode.
  • Options setting is not supported.
※ Updated: 9/13/2023
※ The images in this guide were taken from the test environment.
They may change according to future updates.