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can't matchmake with real racers

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in Tech Support
ok, so been looking around on this issue for abit, is the matchmaking system base on regional servers? cause i'm playing from new zealand and can't find anything. which server do i belong to? why isn't there an option to choose which server you want to play on? i don't mind playin on asia server with high latency/ping, and alot of players are having the same problem and you are losing out on player base and earnings, cause i don't mind spending money on this game but i won't if i don't race with real players. i played this game more than 15years ago on the korean version have no trouble with latency/ping can still race and win. it was fun. trying to play again in this new version but can't. thinking to uninstall like most people who can't figure this out unless they use vpn apps. is it too hard to set up a server which you can connect to? race in asia, race in america, how many and where are the servers?