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Improper Loading Bug

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edited 5:58AM October 26, 2023 in Bug Reporting
I found bug where when you starting a race, the UI will disappear and you will get stuck behind a starting/finish line, thinking you have disconnected when you're in race.

If I actually hold down a gear or reverse button on my Xbox One Controller while in the effect, the kart's wheels will start moving...thinking that you're moving but at the same time it wasn't. Which it could lead to you falling out of map, putting you in a different in a starting position map while in race. Countdown's also not appearing in race.

This can be happened if the game didn't load properly for the player to be loaded (like....go stright to race in a improper player load), it does applied for both of Speed and Item Mode (and probably Grind Prix Speed and Grind Prix Item) and can be player, bot, or both.