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KartRider: Drift Observer and Player Account Guide

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Observer & Player Account Guide

To level up the playing field and make KartRider: Drift competitions a blast for everyone, we're offering a new Account Rental service that allows eligible tournament managers to rent KartRider: Drift accounts.
This guide will help explain how to use the rented account and provide other important information for a smooth experience.


Notes When Using the Rented Accounts
▶ Account Restrictions
  • The rented accounts can be logged in and used only for the competition during the rental period.
  • The rented player accounts may not be used outside of competitions or in normal matches.
  • The rented accounts can only be used to control Observer Mode and spectate races.
    Some content (Shop, ranking content, etc.) is restricted for rented accounts.
  • The rented accounts can be rented up to 3 days, including the testing schedule, and can be used only during the applied period.
  • The player account is automatically set with items from the previous season. Requests for other items are not allowed.
  • The rented accounts can be logged in and used only for testing and the competition during the rental period.
  • No public livestreaming or video releases are allowed during the testing period/during non-tournament times.
  • The rented accounts can be used on one device only.
  • The use of some content (Shop, ranking content, etc.) will be limited.
  • These rented accounts are subject to revocation if used in gameplay that violates the operation policy.
    This includes the following.
      ① Using it regardless of the competition or playing via normal matching.
      ② Gameplay contrary to the operation policy such as using illegal programs; ie. changing to an inappropriate racer name, or creating an inappropriate livery.

▶ Item Distribution Restrictions
  • Items from the previous season are automatically given to the rented account at the time of rental. Requests for any additional items will not be allowed.
  • Collaborations and platform-exclusive items will not be provided.


▶ Account Classification

▶ Creating and Ending a Tournament Race
  • The Observer Mode room can only be created for the PC platform.
  • The rented account cannot enter the observer room using non-PC platforms (ie, Mobile or Console).
  • Rented accounts can create and enter Observer Mode races through the custom race menu.
  • Enter the race key of the created mode to enter the Observer Mode room.
  • The account that created the Observer Mode room enters the race as Master.
  • Other than the Master, the Submaster can also enter Observer Mode at the same time, and up to 8 Player accounts can enter.
  • When all rented accounts exit the created Observer Mode, that Observer Mode ends and all players are forced to the Lobby.

▶ Observer Mode Default Settings
  • All tracks and modes can be played in Observer Mode regardless of the Player account License progression.
  • Some settings are fixed like below for the different types of rented accounts when playing Observer Mode.

▶ Master Rights and Transfer Policy
  • If the Master leaves, the Master rights are transferred to the Submaster that entered the fastest.
  • Selecting the Promote Master (hotkey K) feature will display the Submaster account currently in the room on the list.
  • Selecting the Submaster account will transfer the master rights to that observer account.
  • The following are details on the Master/Submaster account rights.
  • Additional controls on race setting features.
  • Additional controls on announcement features.
  • Additional controls on Team Name change features.


▶ Camera Setting Features
  • The Observer Mode screen transmission method can be changed based on the player's place and camera point of view.
  • The following are details on the place selection features.
      ① Use the number keys 1-8 at the top of the keyboard to select the player corresponding to that place.
      ② Use the "-" key on the right of the keyboard to change to a player one level higher than the current place.
      ③ Use the "+" key on the right of the keyboard to change to a player one level below the current place.
      ④ Press "space" on the keyboard to lock the current selected target. Locking a target will keep the camera locked even though the target's place changes.
  • Additional details on camera point of view selection features.

▶ Match Results Edit
  • The results of a race in progress can be edited.
  • Only the Master account can edit the results. (Submaster not allowed)
  • Use hotkey L in the Lobby to call the results edit pop-up.
  • The following can be edited in the results.
  • Click "Apply" after changing the data to get it reflected in the next race.

▶ Replay View Features
  • The replay file is saved when the race ends and the replay video can be viewed in the Lobby with a master account.
  • Press View Replay (hotkey R) to call a list of saved replays and view the video.
  • The Play feature of the room is disabled when viewing the replay video.


    ※ Updated: 11/30/2023
    This guide may be updated due to game changes.