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[UPDATED] Game Guides 15: Grand Prix

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Let's find out the rules and how to play "Grand Prix" which distinguishes the best racer in KartRider: Drift.

What Is Grand Prix?
- The Grand Prix mode is a competitive content in KartRider: Drift where racers can show off their skills every season.
- Unlike regular matches, you either gain or lose "Grand Prix Points (GPP)" based on the outcome of the match in Grand Prix mode.
- Your rank and place are determined by the Grand Prix Points. Various rewards such as characters, karts, emblems, and decals are provided based on your result when the season ends.

Grand Prix Participation Requirement
- You must have a B2 License to participate in the Season 5 Grand Prix.
- Various participation requirements will be added in future seasons.

How to Participate in Grand Prix
- Click the "Change Mode" menu in the Lobby and select Grand Prix. You will then move to the Grand Prix lobby and can participate.
- Grand Prix has Item Mode (Squad) and Speed Mode (Solo) for you to play.

[Season 5 Grand Prix Period]
- The Season 5 Grand Prix will run from 11/29/2023 (Wednesday) after maintenance ends until 1/24/2023 (Wednesday).

[Grand Prix Start Time]
- Grand Prix matching is available during the following times only. You cannot queue for Grand Prix outside of these times.

[Speed Grand Prix (Solo) Matching Method]
- A race will start with less than 8 people depending on the matching wait time (max 2 players).
- GPP earnings are reduced based on the number of matched players and win streak bonus threshold will also be adjusted.
* Win Streak Bonus does not apply after Master (GPP 3600).
- For modes other than Speed Grand Prix (Solo), the game will start when 8 players are recruited based on the matching threshold.

Grand Prix Rank/Place
- Racers participating in Season 5 will proceed 5 placement matches at the Challenger rank.
- Placement results will be based on the outcomes of the placement matches and the previous season's Grand Prix final scores, and it will determine the starting rank of the Grand Prix. (Placement Rank: Bronze III - Gold III)
- Participants either gain or lose Grand Prix Points (hereafter, GPP) through the Grand Prix match results.
- Rank and place are calculated based on GPP during aggregation and can be viewed in [Profile] – [Grand Prix Record] or the Grand Prix lobby.
- The aggregation time is daily between 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM UTC+0

Grand Prix Rank Emblem
- The Grand Prix rank is displayed in the racer's emblem, allowing you to boast your racing skills to others.
- Select "Grand Prix Ranks Display Settings" in Edit Profile to select whether to display the Grand Prix rank in your profile or not.


- However, the rank emblem is always displayed in a Grand Prix match.

Season 5 Grand Prix Reward Info
| Place Reward

| Rank Reward
- The Grand Prix reward is given based on the highest and final rank and place aggregated 24 hours after the Grand Prix ends each season. (UTC + 9)
- If you log in when the Grand Prix reward is given until the end of the next season, it will be sent to your mailbox along with a notice of the final result of each mode.
- Racers who made it within 1,000th place in the season Grand Prix will be provided a season emblem and Hall of Fame Certificate to prove their skills to others.

* What Is the Hall of Fame?
- It is a space of dedication to see the racer name and kart of the racers that took 1st - 100th place in the Grand Prix mode each season.
- The character/kart that had the highest GPP within the relevant season are saved and provided along the place.

Season 5 Grand Prix Track List
- 5 star difficulty tracks will not appear for Racers gold and below. Difficulty 5 Track or above is available in the Master and Grandmaster ranks.
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