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I'm glad I got select for Closed Beta.

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My in-game name is BianHong. I also occasionally play the mobile version KartRider Rush+ although with a different username, GoSpot. Already invested too much on that mobile version to just delete the game. So I still play it occasionally.

I occasionally stream some gameplays at my TwitchTV channel.


Hopefully, the PC version does not have too much clicking compared to the a lot of tapping on the mobile version. There is just too much tapping and too many windows/popups to click to redeem daily rewards and event rewards.


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    Hi, I'm Giulia. Nice to meet you! I played CBT3 as well (In-game name: DigitalCitys) and I really enjoyed it! I play KartRider Rush+ as well, and my username in it is Citysc4pe (Server: West).