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Show Your Race of the Day Community Event!

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Take a picture of your gameplay record every day during the event!
- Show Your Race of the Day Event Notice -
- How to Participate -
1: Play at least 1 race in Item Mode or Speed Mode.
2: Take a screenshot of “Today's Races” from [Lobby] –> [Profile].
a. Your screenshot must show your level and racer name along with “Today's Races”.
3: Comment the screenshot in one of the following places:
a. On our official forums announcement (this post!)
b. On the steam events post
c. In the #entries channel of our official Discord

‣ Not sure how to take a screenshot? Click here for help!

Please take note when participating in the event
- The winning reward will be 5,000 Lucci and will be sent to your mailbox on March 20 (Monday).
- You can enter multiple times and your chances of winning increase the more days are submitted.
- However, you can only submit once per day and multiple entries of the same screenshot will be excluded from the raffle.
- You can win only once per KartRider: Drift account.
- You must upload at least 1 screenshot showing the level and racer name and “Today's Races” to be recognized for event participation.
- The reward will be sent to the KartRider: Drift account that was submitted with your entry. Make sure you're submitting the correct account before participating in the event.
- If your post is deleted after participating in the event, you will be excluded from winning.