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Western Speed community NEED this answered!!!!!!


  • DopiDopi
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    This is a very good post, it covers pretty much every pain point in EU so far. We players would be very greatful if these pain point could be optimized by Nexon, thanks!
  • Morn1ngst4rMorn1ngst4r
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    The patch in Feb messed everything up. The gameplay was so smooth before that patch.
  • ZezikRusZezikRus
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    edited 3:17AM March 19, 2023
    realDream wrote: »

    After putting 700 hours in this game, it's time to have a talk.

    There has been no communication towards the players about the ongoing issues,

    So in name of the Western community, we would like to get some answers.
    The current state of the game is unacceptable.
    I will keep this post short so it can be addressed properly.

    2 major issues that are making the game unplayable for the West.

    1. Queue / matchmaking

    Europe GP is completely dead once reaching silver 1, we are lucky to find 1 game a day.
    NA GP sometimes finds games because their server range is wider.
    Overall both are dead for the people who actually play the game.
    And even when we do find a game, there is the ping slapping issue, which we will get to in point 2.

    The range of rank and region must be widened,
    Silver 1 should be able to match with Silver 3, win or lose more points depending on the average rank of the lobby.
    Silver 2 - Gold 1, Silver 3 - Gold 2, etc,

    We do not care that we have to play in a red ping lobby (if point 2 is resolved), we need consistent games, we need something to grind.

    You are currently giving us no reason at all to play the game,
    GP is dead, Matchmaking is unplayable because of point 2,
    We can't even go into customs with our friends anymore, again because of point 2.

    So we are supposed to sit in queue and spin our kart?

    + Why are there still item maps in the speed matchmaking pool?
    No speed player has any interest in playing these.

    2. Ping / rubberbanding / teleporting

    Since that patch of FEBRUARY 16TH the red ping players have become a warping army of death.
    Before this patch we had no issues facing red ping players.

    You cannot see them, they are teleporting all around you so you cannot predict where they are driving.
    You cannot go anywhere near them, the rubberbanding is so bad that you will get hit by them no matter what, so its extremely hard to get by them.
    When they slap you, your kart gets put to a complete stop, you are basically getting hit by a concrete wall.

    And there is no if, they will slap you if you are anywhere near them, and this goes for every red ping player.
    Even bumping into orange ping can be lethal, the orange pings sometimes blink red for a second and warp to the next player near them to ruin their game.

    You know the exact date when it started, you know all the data that has been uploaded in that patch, why is it taking so long to fix this?

    So because of these issues, the people who love this game and play it as much as they can, have nothing to do.
    And we have not been given a single form of communication about this, yet every serious player is talking about it.

    Are you aware that these problems have been ongoing for a while now?
    What is being done about these 2 issues?
    What is the ETA on the fix?

    Thank you for listening.
    We are not haters, if anything, we are your biggest fans.

    Kind regards.

    The West

    Waiting Rider

  • ZezikRusZezikRus
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    Everything is right
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    How to kill the game at the start....

    The terrible state of the game at the start of the 1st season. There is no selection of players in GP, players spin the car in the lobby for several hours a day.
    Terrible distribution on the connection, players from Asia get together with players from the European region, it is simply impossible to play with such a distribution.
    It's a completely idiotic decision to introduce a restriction on the countries where the game will be presented.

    The project is not of interest to new players who are just trying to enter the Kartrider universe. They play a little with bots, get into a game with players and stop playing because of the high ping.

    If you do not want to see the death of your game at the start, you must solve these problems indicated in this post. It's time to do something about servers, regional restrictions, GP recruitment and voice chat in the game, which practically does not work normally. Take as an example the parallel game Kartrider Rush+ in which all these problems are solved. We have been waiting for so long, passed CBT, passed Pre-season, waited for March 8 and new modes as a holiday. Don't kill our favorite game and we won't let you down with in-game purchases.
  • MelanasMelanas
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    I have already written about these problems a hundred times to the support of the game. They told me that the problem was in my computer and even offered to reinstall Windows :smiley: Personally, I suggest this option: Remove regular unrated games. In this case, there will be more people in Grand Prix. When the online will be more, return unrated games.
  • TheHeavieKiwieTheHeavieKiwie
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    I was literally leaving feedbacks to them that this is not going to end well for the game.

    I am playing on Asia server and I have been facing this issue ever since that maintenance update in February as well.
    I literally saw this coming and the game lost it's one chance to make its best first impression to the players on Season 1. Well at least everyone has finally come together for an answer.

    Will Nexon address this issue and solve everything? I hope they don't put aside these issues until the end of Season 1 or even longer. Then the game is bound to flop real hard.
  • Smib97Smib97
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  • realDreamrealDream
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    Hello? It's been 9 days, anyone at Nexon who owns a keyboard?
  • MarsDDDMarsDDD
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    Hopefully they will see the recent survey, I imagine many would address similar issues. Emphasize on hopefully, which means most likely not.
  • realDreamrealDream
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    Ya'll good over there Nexon?
    Hit me up when you back from vacation.
    We have asked questions in this thread to be answered, stop clowning us.
    Meanwhile whoever you left in charge of the latest patch needs to go.
  • BlahnessBlahness
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    I don't think we will be getting a fix to the ping ever. Not only did they not even bother to mention the ping problems in the "known Issues" thread, they decided that fixing the midnight wave was a much bigger priority, even though all it did was minimize the effect of collisions making the game more playable for people outside of Korea.

    They need to acknowledge that the Feb 16th patch ruined the game and tell us if they plan on doing anything about it.
  • conscons
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    While I agree with all the issues here I suspect the answer is pretty simple: there are simply so few Western players and interest. The same issue existed for KartRider Rush+ and can all be attributed to the fact that the original KartRider was cancelled in America in 2007.

    The game will for the foreseeable future be a Korea/Taiwan/Japan/Far East centric game. There is no doubt. And if you pair with any player from Asia you will get high pings and flying karts. The ping is how physics works and flying karts is always the result in any version of the game (original, Rush+, Drift).

    You must understand Nexon. The game was literally number 1 in its markets during its heyday 10-15 years ago, but had been on steady decline in the last few years. It was difficult to find matches in Taiwan too in the last few years. The KartRider client was literally stuck in Windows XP era, Direct X 9, and Nexon tried impressively hard to keep it alive for close to 20 years. KartRider Drift (known as KartRider 2 in Asia) is their attempt to bring the game back to the heydays, and it would be stupid for Nexon to not focus on their best chance on the markets that it know it can succeed (Korea, Taiwan, etc.). They have run KartRider Rush+ for the past few years globally and they know the statistics. They are not stupid, or at least I hope. They can spend markerting effort in the West, but it will be a waste of effort, at least in its current state.

    I am grateful that Nexon made the business decision to renew the title rather than killing it off or leaving it for a painful slow death (which was looking likely honestly). As someone in the West, I am grateful that Nexon made this a global game, and I can at least play it. I hope the game will succeed in the East, and I have no expectation for it in the West other than hoping they will keep allow us to play at all (rather than like the original KartRider which was killed in America). With better Internet today, I hope there is no reason for them to divide the servers anymore like 15 years ago.

    Enough rant... So my suggestion to the Western players is simple. Give up GP in the West. Make matchmaking "Balanced" or "Unlimited" (I have been able to match quite quickly lately, but mostly below my skill level).

    My suggestion to Nexon is also simple: I don't expect you to spend huge markerting dollars in the West to buy billboards, etc, but keep advertising on app stores. Make it obvious that people should attempt the licenses and upgrade their karts. There are things that long term players in Asia knows but not new Western players. Look into your own stats and help players improve in the game.