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More rewarding drifting?

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I know people that play this game consider the main mode to be speed mode where drifting makes more sense to build boost, but still, as a core mechanic, from a casual player perspective the drifting just feels bad as it slows the player down and the "instant boost" after it is really not worth it at all.
Without the drifting mechanic (since it's not worth it in item mode for instance) the game feels quite boring / dull to me and I think it would make sense to make it more rewarding in all game modes.
I know it might sound "too" familiar for some but.. making the "instant boost" a bit longer / stronger depending on how long the drift was would make the game feel a LOT better and enjoyable for me.

That's just my opinion, I know this game has a strong community that already enjoys the game as it is, and I respect that, but I was wondering if it would really mess up that much speed mode if it was changed this way.


  • BazziBazzi
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    edited 8:26PM March 28, 2023
    Great ideas. I assume you are talking about the item mode where the drift doesn't build boost. I also noticed that the instant boost is not as rewarding as the original kartrider game. Personally I think the essence of drift lies in minimizing the loss of speed when you go through a corner. And both building boost and the instant boost is second to it. In speed mode, people gain both boost and speed when they drift well; while in item mode, we usually make the drift as short as possible. One more thing to note is that the game has an implicit mechanism to accelerate the kart when your drifting angle is small enough, which means you can actually achieve higher speed on speedometer when your drift is optimal than when you are going straight (It's pretty much the major selling point of the previous game "kartrider rush+")