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Ability to send emoji or "wave" to friend

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edited 7:06AM May 7, 2023 in Gameplay Discussion
It would be nice to be able to "wave" or send an emoji to people on your friends list without having to be in a group to see the emote. Click on the name of the friend that's on your friends list that's online at the moment and send a "hello" or an emoji and if they are in a race they can see it when their match is over. Maybe even a little popup emoji face at the top corner of the screen somewhere discreet. Microphone shouldn't be the only way of communication in the game. Maybe even a lobby where people can chat while waiting for their matches to start. This can have its downsides as well like a-holes making the lobby chat political and such but as long as there is a moderator in game it would be a great addition to the game's social aspect.


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    Also an option to say bye. Always unfortunate to leave a team without being able to say goodbye.