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Cant get past selecting controls

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in Tech Support
After choosing what control scheme you would like the game immediately crashes. Tested on 2 different PCs

What could be the problem here?


  • luv4terrierluv4terrier
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    edited 5:06PM April 28, 2024
    I'm having the exact same problem. It just closes automatically after selecting the control.

    Edit: I cntacted Nexon Support and this is what they said.
    Hello luv4terrier,

    First we would like to suggest that one or more programs on your computer may be affecting your ability to play. To help identify if this is the case, please perform a Clean Boot of your computer before trying to play. Instructions on how to perform a clean boot can be found here.

    During this test where a clean boot is performed, please ensure that any anti-virus or firewall programs are temporarily disabled. Any anti-virus or firewall can be re-enabled after a clean boot is performed.

    However, we believe the issue will be due to your graphics card not meeting the minimum requirements for the game to run properly. You can view these here, System Requirements for KartRider: Drift. We apologize for the trouble you experienced.
    I tried their "Can You Run It" feature and turns out my video card doesn't meet the minimum requirement to run the game. Time to get a new computer.