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Good stuff lads

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edited 6:34PM December 5, 2019 in Gameplay Discussion
So far I'm liking the game and having fun, really glad there's controller support and crossplay too!
My PC isn't the best and it does get rough sometimes but watching myself roll over hundreds of times is great

Edit: This is the right place for this post right?


  • SAH77777SAH77777
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    What is the point of the game? You seem to be liking it... what is the goal? Do you just play online having fun in races?
  • -CaPriCe--CaPriCe-
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    The game doesn't seem to have a real kart rider feel on many aspects. No real lobby custom races, every kart runs exactly the same, where are the licenses and many other things so far? If this Mario Kart immitation is what we are going to get, I will stick with the Korean version.