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What was that? My Kart went BOING (gif attached)

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edited 5:34PM December 9, 2019 in Gameplay Discussion
First time on this map (and sadly only time so far lol)
Is this some intentional team mate mechanic, is it location specific, is it just a bug that happened to take place before a short cut, what happened lol?


  • AddxmAddxm
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    Someone please enlighten me. I only played this on xbox, and knew nothing about the game before, so excuse me if there is an easy answer, but I only had the info available in the beta. I don't even know what the weapons did lol.
  • -CaPriCe--CaPriCe-
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    That's just a bug. It's not a feature and its not part of the mechanics.
  • CapEricCapEric
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    Yes it is a bug. Honestly I didn't spend much time during the beta. Maybe 3 to 4 hours max. It was filled with bugs. I didn't expect this many bugs.
    But there are features something like that in Korean Kart Rider. It's gonna be awesome!